The Techfest Expo is a gaming and technology expo that has been running since 2017. Three years of great success; and looking to go BIGGER in the 4th Annual Techfest Expo.

The Techfest Expo has positioned itself as one of South Africa’s leading gaming & tech events and has developed into a real family-friendly weekend packed with something for everyone.

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Stuff to do


Esports Tournaments

Techfest Expo will features Esports Tournaments to cater for its esports audience by hosting open tournaments for the public to join and participate in, and invitational tournaments which feature South Africa’s top esports players and teams.


Brand Activations

Brands that have partnered with the Techfest Expo will be given a platform for them to exihibit, showcase and sell some of their products at the Techfest Expo to attendees of the event.

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Free-to-Play Area

The Fee-to-play area will be for attendees who will want to try out the latest game releases, play casual games and also experience competitive gaming by competing with other attendees.



Want to Exhibit?

This is a call out to all brands, game developers, start-ups or anyone who would like to be part of this year's edition of the Techfest Expo and would like to showoff, exhibit or showcase their products, games and services to attendees of the this year's Techfest Expo.

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